Manu Tuilagi

Henri and Alesana Tuilagi have already won a name for themselves in the world of rugby – mainly due to their speed races and tough clashes. The third brother, Manu, also followed in their footsteps, and his potential is visible to the naked eye. He is only 19, and he already plays for Leicester Tigers and has every right to play for England – he has already played for youth teams of all ages and has approached the threshold of the national team. Leicester coach Richard Cockerill: “If Manu will play well the season, then I see no reason why he cannot go to the World Cup. If he is given a chance, he will do everything to prove his worth.”

In addition, Manu Tuilagi is on the verge of moving to the TOP-14. The center of the England team is substantively interested in Racing 92. After defeating the French team a 27-year-old player visited a training camp at a Paris club. Tuilagi’s contract with Lester Tigers expires at the end of the season. Despite the Tigers’ readiness to keep Manu in their ranks, three French teams immediately hunt the star Englishman – Lyon, Toulon, and, the main favorite – Racing 92.

He has a tattoo on his right arm that speaks to his Samoan country. In June 2010, Tuilagi confronted the danger of expelling from the UK after it turned out to be certain that he had entered the nation illicitly. In 2011, Manu Tuilagi in one of the English League matches lost control of him and dispensed a progression of three boxing punches on Chris Ashton (Northampton), for which he was precluded for 5 weeks. In October of that year, the Samoan was fined £ 4,800 (as indicated by different hotspots for 3,000) in light of the fact that after the annihilation of England from France in the quarterfinal of the World Cup, held in New Zealand, he got alcoholic and hopped into the ocean from the leading body of the ship.

In addition, Tuilagi is still a merry fellow. In September 2013, Tuilagi apologized to British Prime Minister David Cameron after an unsuccessful joke behind him in a collective photo during a visit to British and Irish Lions in Downing Street. The visit of the national team players to Downing Street was dedicated to the victory of the “British and Irish Lions” – a team made up of players from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – in a series over the Australian national team. During the collective photo, Tuilagi put the “horns” on the head of the government that the journalists managed to capture. Realizing his wrong, the rugby player apologized. “I apologize for my joke during the collective photo. I did not want to offend anyone. We had a great time on Downing Street. Thanks to the Prime Minister for the reception,” Tuilagi wrote in his twitter account.

We add that this is not the first time that Tuilagi is in the spotlight. So, in 2011, the rugby player jumped off the ferry near the terminal in Auckland, New Zealand. It happened on October 9 – the day after the defeat of the English in the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup from the French (12:19). The leadership of the England national team decided to fine Tuilagi for three thousand pounds sterling. Later, the athlete himself offered his apologies, calling the jump from the ferry a stupid act.

Ben Youngs

Ben Youngs pulled out in Lions last summer after his wife Tom’s brother was diagnosed with cancer, and said that her illness gave him new prospects. For eight years now, Ben Youngs has made England debut in the Six Nations Cup when he first played on the field at Murrayfield to replace injured Monye in the season. Youngs is now 28-year-old, but still is a fresh face, without any scarring, which often marks the players of this brutal sport. Recently, the player suffered an injury, but the recovery of the midfielder against England and Leicester Tigers is at an accelerated pace. Due to the injury of the knee ligaments received in the match with Italy, it was expected that the season was over for Youngs. “Ben succeeds in rebuilding. The injury was not as serious as originally thought. He does not need an operation and he will return to the ranks in late April – early May,” Leicester mentor Matt O’Connor said in an interview with the Tigers official website After 17 rounds, the Tigers go to the 5th place in the English Championship.

Ben Youngs about the previous season: “We can no longer afford it”

According to the Scarlet Rose midfielder, experienced players of the national team discussed and analyzed the reasons for the defeat of the team. “Errors in defense cost us defeats in the last five games, as well as a low level of discipline. It put pressure on us, without which it was possible to do. The guys understand that some of the penalties we received last Saturday were completely unnecessary and could be easily prevented. We do not have a special plan for the second match. It will be no different from last week. Just in the first game we didn’t do it.

In preparation, we placed a great emphasis on making sure that our defense responds quickly enough. We need to deprive rivals of the time and space that we gave him on Saturday. We can no longer afford it. We look forward to the weekend and we desperately want to win. The team knows that it can still win the series with a score of 2: 1 and we all want to achieve this,” the 28-year-old rugby player said in a BBC commentary. In the first meeting of the summer series “Scarlet Roses” gave way to South Africa with a score of 39:42. The second match will be held on June 16 at 18:05 in Kiev and Moscow, 19:05 in Tbilisi.

“British Twix”

The story of Owen Farrell and George Ford together traversed from junior to world rugby stars. Looking at these guys, one involuntarily recalls the phrase from the cult TV series “Brigade”: “We are from the first class together. For everything we do, we also answer together. ” Today, they are like Twix bars, in the same wrapper called the England team. You’d be surprised, but it was always like this. “When I saw them for the first time, George was 15 years old, Owen was 16,” recalls the former U18 England national team coach John Fletcher. “The first was a miniature player with exemplary technical skills and brilliant field vision. The second one is very energetic and mature beyond his years. They dominated the rest of the 16-year-olds. Ford and Farrell were like the head and shoulders of a rugby team. They were distinguished not only by the game, but also by psychological stability. These two seemed to understand each other without words. It is not surprising that most of all they communicated with each other. I won’t bother remembering a particular moment or a beautiful attempt by George and Owen. In my opinion, they each time created a danger in another’s possessions, having barely organized a joint combination,” Fletcher sums up.

Having passed the level of U16, Ford and Farrell together hit the England U18 team, and then the U20. Since the last guys reached the finals of the Youth World Cup 2011, where with a score of 22:33 they lost to New Zealand, in the ranks of which Biden Barrett, Sam Kane, Brody Retallic, TJ Perrenara, Steven Luatu, Liam Sopoaga and Gareth Anscombe shone. At that time, Owen was 19 years old, and George is only 17. In the adult team, the guys debuted at different times. Farrell in 2012, Ford – in 2014. But at the 2015 World Cup, the rugby players reunited. However, only in the last game, against Uruguay, George and Owen came in a bunch of 10-12. In the remaining meetings, Ford and Farrell competed for the place of the main player.

With the arrival of Eddie Jones, a bunch of friends since childhood has become a constant component of the Scarlet Roses back line. “George and Owen are very creative. Ford and Farrell give impetus to the team. They see the field best of all and find many options for the development of attacks. These guys are well aware of how to use a collective offensive, and this is their key role. At times they are surprised, as if people running around the brick walls,” Eddie Jones says. “Ford and Farrell are like telepaths.” For any coach, the presence of such players is a great joy. Owen can easily take on the duties of the tenth number and make room for a maneuver to George. Due to this, Farrell contenders themselves, and Ford completes the attack. This is what England used to lack,” John Fletcher explains.

Meanwhile, the British media write that the last time, “Scarlet Roses” had such an effective combination of 10-12 in 2001-2003, when they played Johnny Wilkinson and Will Greenwood. It was then that England was the first and so far last won the World Cup.

George Ford: “We must make sure that we continue to grow”

This player of “Scarlet Roses” shared his feelings from the upcoming anniversary game. “When you make your debut for the England team, this is a special moment for your family and everyone who helped you along the way and in your career. I would never have thought that even in a million years I would play almost 50 tests – for me it is a great honor and privilege. I love every second, every minute played in England’s rugby tunic. This is a special team that is constantly improving. We need to make sure that we continue to grow. I think this is one of the things that we have succeeded in the last two weeks. We weren’t exhausting in the middle of the week. We trained intensively and fully focused on training, but so as not to burn out until Saturday, ”said we did not wake up in the middle of the week, we want to train with intensity and be mentally on it, but you don’t want to get there until Saturday, when this is the most important 80 minutes and burn from him “, – said George in an interview with the official site RFU.

The fight with the Japanese national team, to which Ford was declared as the captain of the English national team, became for him the 50th match in the Scarlet Rose rugby championship.

Tom Youngs

This player is one of the most prominent rugby players. In 2013, the player of the season recognized the hooker of the national team of England and “Lester Tigers” – Tom Youngs. He also managed to visit the rank of captain of the team. “Tigers” changed the “skipper” on the eve of the 2016/2017 season. The new leader of the team was the 29-year-old first-line striker Tom Youngs, who replaced Ed Slader in this position. “I am immensely proud of the new role in the club. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest achievements of my career. I was born and spent my whole life in Leicester. I love the club and everything behind it. I look forward to leading the guys behind me and helping the Tigers to achieve new heights,” the rugby player commented on his appointment. Hooker has 71 matches for Leicester and 28 games for England.

Youngs had injuries. In 2016, the Leicester leader dropped out before the end of the season. Then the hooker “Lester Tigers” Tom Youngs was out of the game until at least June. The 29-year-old striker had surgery on his back, after which recovery took at least three months. Note that then the “Leicester” reached the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup and fought for getting into the playoffs of the English Premier League.

Dan Cole

Dan Cole is an English rugby association player who plays in help for the Leicester Tigers in the Aviva Prime Minister Office and for England the national rugby association group universally. Cole is referred to for his scrummaging capacity just as his expertise in dissatisfaction. His previous mentor in Leicester depicted him as one of the best tight head bolsters in world rugby.  He was taken to a late spring visit and played in the two matches. Despite the fact that England lost the principal diversion, Cole performed well. The accompanying Test demonstrated that England beat Australia 20– 21. Cole got a hit to the head amid the initial five minutes after the amusement, and needed to prevent the blood spilling out of the injury constantly, yet in spite of his left eye shutting totally, he kept on playing. Skipper and colleague Lewis Moody remarked on how the groups were propelled by Cole’s request.

Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson is one of the famous players of Leicester Tigers team who represented the Leicester Tigers team and the national team of England. He was born in March 9, 1970. He started his career playing American football for the Leicester Panthers team. The most widely known achievement of Martin Johnson was the victory of England at the World Championships in 2003, to which he led the team as a captain. Despite the lack of relevant experience, Johnson was appointed manager of the England rugby national team in April 2008, but resigned in November 2011. In October 2011, Martin Johnson was included in the International Rugby Board Hall of Fame.

In 2011, Martin Johnson left the post of England rugby team head coach. Johnson made the decision after an unsuccessful British performance at the World Cup in New Zealand Johnson, who led the team since 2008, made this decision after an unsuccessful English performance at the World Cup in New Zealand, where the team lost to the final finalists in the quarterfinal / 12: 19 /. In addition, according to the BBC, the reason for leaving the 41-year-old specialist team was also a number of unpleasant incidents related to the behavior of players outside the field. Johnson’s main achievement at the helm of England was the victory in the Cup of the Six Nations this year.

Martin Johnson could not resign after the players of the English national team in New Zealand showed little on the field, and at the same time they managed to plunge into unpleasant situations beyond it. As Johnson’s receiver, the most likely candidate was Northampton coach Jim Mullinder. Also, Graham Henry, who recently won the World Championships with the All Blacks, and Nick Mallett, Italy’s coach in the recent past, has a chance to take the post of England coach.

According to the former player of the national team Will Carling, Johnson should continue to work in the International Rugby Council. “It’s sad for Martin. He was a terrific player, a great captain, one of the best in the England team. I hope there will be a place for him,” noted Carling.


The judge – his actions are indisputable! No player other than the captain has the right to approach the judge, and then, after the judge gives permission to do so. All decisions of the judge are broadcast throughout the stadium, in addition to this, any controversial moment will be viewed by the video arbiter, and only then serious decisions will be made. Therefore, in rugby controversial moments are reduced to zero. In addition, the linemen are of great assistance to the judge on the field. In rugby, you never see an attack on the referee. It is simply impossible! For any dissatisfaction, even with a mimic of the face, with the actions of the judge – the penalty moves 10 meters ahead. Any disobedience of the judge – the penalty is transferred 10 meters ahead. Even if something escaped the judge during the match and emerged on his video viewing after the match – the player may be given a punishment, up to and including disclamation.

Once we talked about the players, we want to start a separate conversation about the fans, because it is thanks to these people that this or that kind of sport becomes popular. What is a rugby event? Sixty percent are people who once played rugby. These are big men, strong, healthy (many keep in shape), drinking beer: at kiosks with sausages and beer, which are around the stadium a lot, fans gather in a few hours, sing, trumpet, put on a uniform. And there was no hint of aggression. Even in the case of a neighborhood of seemingly irreconcilable sides, for example, before the match France vs. England. And this is a big difference from football. The peaceful coexistence of fans is a sign of rugby. This happens around the world. It was possible to observe how three Argentines ached on the French tribune during the landmark match France – Argentina, and Argentina won. So, a normal dialogue was conducted with these fans, although the French were in a gloomy mood, to say the least. It is impossible to imagine such a situation in football. It is possible that the reason is in the ideology of the game itself, because contact in rugby is in the rules. And in football, the contact manifests itself in the form of rudeness, which, perhaps, is transmitted to the fans.

Rugby players are the genuine legends of the games field, on the grounds that the sport of rugby regularly winds up with very genuine wounds. As indicated by research, the most awful (barring extraordinary) sport is football. Further, in plunging request – hockey, figure skating, tumbling, auto/motorcycling. Lastly – group activities (rugby, handball, and b-ball) and different sorts of combative techniques. Moreover, since the catches are accommodated by the standards of the amusement, they are skillfully executed and assembled while falling into rugby is educated from the earliest starting point, while in numerous different games such preparing isn’t done. Therefore, the rugby player is vastly improved arranged for different conceivably awful circumstances than a football player or a b-ball player.